I mentioned in yesterday’s episode that our industry is not always known for giving it to you straight. Even as I read the comments about Phil Soper’s discussion, people would say things like, “Oh sure, but he’s not an ECONOMIST”.

Thank goodness. He’s actually out in the field, talking to people and gathering real-life information, in addition to all of the analysis that you would see from an economist.

But today, I point out some sales language that only serves to devalue a listing… at least in my opinion. The braggadocio really doesn’t have a place in today’s market, and while I would never wish anything bad to anyone… there’s a part of me that wishes a little bit of humble pie is served.

The Powell model on Bowring with greenspace behind has a lot of value, although we’ve seen the last week not be very kind to detached values. All it takes is a few low sales, and things can change very quickly.

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