I recorded a quick video about the rise in interest rates.  There’s some good and bad, but nothing devastating.

Phil Soper, my friend and the CEO of Royal LePage, made a fantastic live video that is loaded with a lot more details here.  He’s really one of the smartest people I know, and he really nailed the analysis.

In fact, I did MY video strictly to make Phil look better.  🙂

On to today’s list!

There wasn’t much that really caught my eye, but if you look closely, you’ll see an accessibility lift in the home on Philbrook.  That’s a great feature, and something that I think they should have mentioned in more detail.  It’s also something you want to be clear about including or excluding, especially because that lift looks like it’s drilled right through the hardwood floor.

The other very interesting one is the “multi-plex” on Campbell Avenue.  It’s not clear from the description how many units there are, but it says there are FIVE kitchens.  There are some slight differences in lending with more than four units, which may affect the language of your offer (hint, hint)… but the “per door” rate of $215,000 is very good for anything even close to Milton.

We spoke about “legal non-comforming” a few times in previous episodes, and I would also make sure that the well and septic are doing what they’re supposed to – especially with large volumes of water use.  The “Heritage” status would also need to be researched, although it looks like it’s on the list but not “designated” – see the link to learn more.

But overall, it’s looking like one of the better investment properties I’ve seen in a LONG time close to Milton.

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