We’re live on location today, in one of the most fabulous settings I could ever imagine.

This week might be a challenge to get videos out, because I’m supposed to be launching three properties, plus I have this mastermind for an entire day, AND our video editor extraordinaire Sharon is away on holidays.  Tough life, I know.  🙂

But I’ll make sure the links get posted, even if I can’t host an episode every day.

As far as today’s listings go… do you THINK that Tupper is staged?  Boy, it looks so warm and friendly, with that empty closet and tiny desk in the corner of an otherwise empty basement.  Or those two lonely patio chairs in the middle of nowhere in the backyard…

I’m still a big fan of Roseheath.  Think about it – it’s the same price as most townhouses, but you get a detached home, better-sized lot, larger driveway and some pretty nice finishes, all for $625,000.

Carbert is only 1,624 square feet, and with the last sale MORE THAN $100,000 less than their asking price (with arguably better finishes), I would say good luck to them.

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