We’re on the doorstep to the weekend, which means we’re running Tours! If you’re going to be in town, make sure to join us for a Tour of Milton.

In this episode, I’m going to show you some staging tips, including the huge effect that light fixtures can have on your listing photos.  A few hundred dollars (or even a few thousand dollars) can bump your home up another level.  I have NEVER seen an investment in lights not multiply in a higher selling price.

Then, we’ll talk about country homes. Some people think it’s less expensive to buy a home on the outskirts, but I’ll show you why that isn’t necessarily true.

386 Gosford gets “Pick of the Day” status – it has a terrific layout, with a pond behind, and a $25k re-positioning on price makes it even better.  Be sure to click the link to get more details.

Also, there’s a really unique home built by Mattamy in today’s list, with a his-and-hers garage. But the listing photos only show one of the garages… I think you NEED to show both in your very first photo.

In terms of the math equations I mentioned, I wanted to clarify a few things:

  1. An acre is 43,560 square feet. A 102 x 470 foot property, if it’s a rectangle, would be just around 1.1 acres. The listing says 1.48 acres, so there has to be some extra land, and it’s likely not a rectangle.
  2. For the Sales Court listing, garages are typically 10’ by 20’, or roughly 200 square feet. Builders also don’t typically excavate under the garages in Milton… which means a 3,000 square foot home has a main floor that’s roughly 400 square feet smaller than the upstairs (depending on layout).  This home is 3,061 square feet as per the floor plan, but we’ll keep the numbers simple.So 3,000 square feet would have 1,700 square feet upstairs and 1,300 square feet on the main floor. The basement would mirror the size of the main floor, which would put the total closer to 4,300 square feet (3,000 on main and second plus 1,300 in basement). I’m struggling to see how it adds up to 4,800.

That was a little difficult to explain in the video… but I’m glad we cleared that up!

Have a delightful weekend, and don’t be afraid to reach out if you need some help.