That home on Baverstock… man. The finishes were not good the last time I saw it. We’re talking painted plywood subfloors on the stairs, crooked backsplash, and that assembly of used cabinets in the basement designed to house the laundry… it’s all a big mess in my eyes.  I doubt it’s been fixed since last time… so beware.

Interesting side story… the house used to belong to one of our team members many years ago.

Luxton looks like a much better deal in my eyes… and it’s in a nice pocket close to Hawthorne Village Public School, which is arguably one of the best school districts in Milton… best public school and second best Catholic school (Guardian Angels), according to the Fraser Institute.

Then we’ll talk a little more about Drury Park, which we’ve mentioned in many past episodes. Not many really good options out there for bungalows on manageable-sized lots, which means this area maintains very strong demand with not a lot of supply that hits the market.

As our baby boomers continue to age, I believe the Town of Milton should recognize the need for one-storey affordable living options. Condo apartments are good for some, but low-rise options would fill a big void in the market. We see these properties in other markets within an hour of Milton, but not many here in town.

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