Sometimes a property will give you clues about the owner’s level of attention to maintenance. A nice laundry room is usually the first one, landscaping is another… but sometimes the hints are much more subtle. I’ll give you some examples when I talk about Zelinsky.

It’s nearly impossible to fake pride of ownership. Either it’s there, or it’s not.

If you want pictures taken from Shaq’s forehead, then have a look at Penson Crescent. Good photos are the best investment your agent can make, and it would be the very first question I ask an agent before hiring them.

If you doubt the validity of that statement, check out this study by Redfin in the United States.

Why do pools “polarize” buyers? I’ll explain when we discuss Crozier. And then we’ll finish up with a cute little gingerbread house on James Street right by downtown Milton, Rotary Park and Mill pond.

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