It’s a good sign that inventory levels are rising (24 in today’s list is the largest list of the year).

But how does that compare with demand?

We’ll look at some graphs from last year to compare, and to see if there really is a magic month to buy or sell.

Also, are we in a bubble? I’ll look at a graph that gives us a pretty good sense of where we’re at, and why we got here.

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Even though the list is big today, I have a few favourites that stand out. I like the Bristol on Main condo… but if you don’t like being on the first floor, we’re launching the same floor plan one building over and two floors up, overlooking a park next week.

Roseheath is making it easy to prove my point that there’s better value in the older area, with a bonus backyard that most new home owners dream about. McNabb put a second storey on their home, and it’s terrific. In fact, the older neighbourhoods steal the show today, with two more on Pine and Oak.

But be careful… those homes are both in the flood plain, which means there may come a day when your home could be a “boat”. Make sure you get some answers from your insurance company and mortgage provider before making an offer.

Oh, and I made a mistake yesterday – Shaleni and Semone from our team will be at the Scotiabank at MAIN AND THOMPSON from 4:00 to 7:00 PM today.

And you can catch us rocking with Justin Bieber at 1574 Earl Crescent on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 4:00 PM. Have a delightful weekend!