Shortreed and Cooper find themselves in an interesting competition… not only against each other, but also against the incredibly high sales of 3-storey townhouses without backyards.

Plus, to make it even more interesting – they’re taking offers on the same night!

This will be a fun one to watch. And if you want to know what homes like these are selling for, then request your copy of the Milton Price Report, which we update weekly.

Then we’ll talk about light fixtures (again), and the effect of bringing your home up to a 9 or 10, instead of a boring old 7.

Doesn’t matter what kind of market… if you can grab a buyer by the heart, they will open their pockets to you.

And here’s that one on Court Street.  The first minute or two of the video is all about how listings are listed, and why putting a listing on only ONE system can impact your exposure.

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