This doesn’t happen very often, but I really don’t have much to say about today’s list.

So no commentary by video… but you can open the link to properties using the green button, and there’s one more country estate on the “other” MLS system here.

Agnew had 16 offers last night, but I heard at our Agents Open House today that two other properties received NO offers.  It goes back to what I was saying earlier this week – the timing of multiple offers matters, and you need to be very conscious of the ecosystem in which you’re playing.

If you have a close competitor, don’t take offers at the same time!  Spread it out.  Make sure you give yourself a chance to succeed.

We are getting close to offer night on Earl Crescent on Wednesday, and you can watch today’s video to see more.  The agents loved it this morning.

Looking forward to launching two more wonderful properties on Asleton and Main Street later this week… stay tuned!

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