We just got the numbers in for February… and I couldn’t believe it when I saw them.

January average price in Milton was $703,947. A year before, it was $612,260. The year-over-year represents a 15% increase.

February’s average price for Milton? $798,683!

I mean… we knew it was hot and heavy, but to raise the average price by nearly $100,000 in a month was pretty unbelievable.

And since February 2016 had a lower average price than January, the total increase from February of last year to this year is…


And yes… I double-checked the math.

What you’re going to see from us in the next little while is an article about what’s causing this kind of market, and what’s likely to change it. I’ll be sure to share it when we finish posting.

Today there’s a good deal at Greenlife II. This building is a great long-term investment because the condo fees are hundreds of dollars less than most buildings. You pay a bit more for the units, but over time it washes away – much like buying a hybrid car.

And that home on Brassard is listed for nearly $100,000 less than the last model that sold. And I don’t see any offer date on the listing.


Move quickly on this one, or give us a call.

And if you like a statue right in front of your house, check out Trudeau. Not my kinda thing… but maybe you can watch birds bathing outside your front door. 🙂

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