So tonight is awards night for Royal LePage, and we quietly made it to #63 in Canada. I’ll tell you more in the video, but Sky is the Limit.

(Biggie fans will also catch that reference, and understand the significance of today’s date)

On to today’s list… I’ll share more about GOOD photography when I show you our newest home for sale at Bristol on Main (1370 Main St E #305), and I’ll point out a few homes that will likely sell for $50k to $100k over asking. Yes, there are a few in this list.

Even though 6020 Derry #64 will likely be in that group, I go on a bit of a rant about extra fees that can REALLY add up between road maintenance, garbage removal, and the HVAC system.

The newer the home, the more likely the water heater rental is “expanded” in scope and cost.

Then we’ll move onto an interesting home on Main Street that could be under the jurisdiction of the Niagara Escarpment Commission, with a side helping of Heritage Milton.

And I would have a buyer right now for Gordon Heights… if the design wasn’t so bad. Still, it has some really nice things going for it, which I’ll talk about in the episode.

It’s our vision that these episodes will keep you informed and safe, and hopefully be a little entertaining along the way. Let us know how we’re doing…

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