Welcome back from the weekend!  I spent the day working on a commercial lease, and didn’t have a chance to shoot my commentary.

The higher 12-foot ceilings in the one-bedroom on Maple make the unit feel a lot larger.  I think it’s well-priced at $269k, and today’s video theme is to “Raise the Roof” with an incredible artist Tracey Thorn from Everything But The Girl, who made one of my all-time favourite albums “Walking Wounded“.

Elmwood looked familiar, so I looked up the old listing.  They made quite a few changes, here’s the link to the “before” shots when they bought it in October of 2014 for more than $100k less than the current list price.  That time frame seems a little long for a “flip”, which usually takes 3-4 months, so I’m guessing there could be another reason for the move.  Year-over-year, the market is probably up about 5-10% for a home like this… plus the addition in value of the improvements (and not necessarily the cost).

And from the second drop-down list, Rayner looks like a very strong deal.  Sure there are four different kinds of flooring, but that’s easy to replace.  All of these interior improvements are like LEGO pieces.  Paint, flooring, countertops – they’re actually very easy to change.  But what you can’t change is the location of the property, and the size of the home (unless you put an addition on the house).

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