Is it possible? Have we found another home with a secret passage? I love those so much. Check out the one on Inglis in between the two bedrooms.

Also, it seems like I may have been wrong about the listing earlier this week on Costigan, because it sold very quickly. That should mean good news for our listing at Unit 88 that you’ll see in today’s video.

Plus, get ready for a flood of Croftside models. There are two in today’s list, and I saw another couple that just loaded this afternoon (we’ll preview those on Monday).

Gervais has a little bit of bonus parking, but will the location cause problems with a buyer? And Galbraith is back… I appreciate the unique style of the home, but we’ll talk about why bold design choices can sometimes make a home sale much tougher.

Then we’ll look at some expensive land sitting right in the middle of the new Derry Green Business Park. Get ready for a lot of new jobs in Milton!

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