I just did the stats for the latest Milton Price Report… and the hottest selling property in November was condo apartments.  Next most popular was condo townhouses.

Towns, semis and detached had the lowest new listings-to-sales ratios.  I’ve never seen that before.

This is a time of year where there are pockets of activity… for example, there are very few really good options right now in the $900k to $1.1 million range.  Many of the listings are either too basic, or they’re overpriced.  I think it can be a great time to put a listing out, because the lack of competition is one of the best factors that help a home sell for top dollar.

But that’s different for every property.  I don’t like the huge amount of competition in the $650k to $750k range now… that range seems to be quiet.  And the $800k to $900k range has a ton of great double garage options – competition is heavy if you want to jump into that range.  342 Cedar Hedge and 363 Leitch Landing are two examples from this list – solid double garages in the low-to-mid-$800’s.

I took the listings from the last few days and put them in one list for you (see the green button).  My daughter was in the hospital this week (she’s fine now), so it was a bit of an odd week.  All the rest I got last week was washed away from sleeping in a chair at the hospital for five days.  🙂  There are a total of 30 properties as of the time I write this.  The link is updated in real-time, meaning if a home sells, there will only be 29 listings showing up.

Even though it’s not a “new” listing, I saw that 1597 Clitherow has dropped their price by $270,000 since the beginning of their listing, and it’s also in today’s list.

If you’d like to see any homes in today’s list this weekend, let us know.

I should be back to video hosting next week.  In the meantime, enjoy one of my favourite Christmas tunes in today’s video.

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