This may already be fixed by the time you see it, but the $129,900 home needs an extra zero on the end.  Thank goodness, because if you checked your email yesterday, you would have seen what $100,000 or so gets you in Toronto.

Today’s episode is filled with photo crimes.  Like really bad.  Quite possibly the worst group of the year.  Take a bow, agents!

I understand there are sometimes issues where staging perfectly can’t happen – Tenants, divorce, fast timelines – that’s life.  But we as agents ALWAYS have control over the quality of the photographer.  I know a couple of agents who do a nice job with their own photos, but most are absolutely atrocious.  I started hiring a professional photographer and videographer back in 2006 and never looked back.

One thing is absolutely true:  the little things ALWAYS matter, even in a Seller-friendly market like this one.

Zimmerman gets the nod for Pick of the Day ™.  If you like the thought of a larger lot like you’d find in Timberlea or Bronte Meadows, combined with a modern floor plan with ensuite washroom, larger closets and a more open concept feel… then the area built by Sundial on the east and west sides of Kennedy Circle would be great options.




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