We have a home launching next week that I’m glad to share with you… if you’re looking for a four-bedroom detached double garage on deeper- and wider-than-normal lot. It’s just down the street from a great public school, and across the street from a park. Message me if you want more information.

I’m not sure of many things in this life, but one of them is that Cargill Path will sell on offer night. That layout with the kitchen island in a Hillsview townhouse is really nice and open.

Speaking of “open”, the home on Banks is a little bigger than Cargill, and it’s ALL open. With a massive pantry. You could hide bodies in that thing. And nobody would notice, because you back onto greenspace! Talk about the perfect crime…

If you’re going to compete on it, I’ll give you some success tips in the video. What does a seller want? How can a buyer avoid overpaying? How do you decide how much to offer? Is it really like a “bidding war”?

The multiple offer scenario can be one of the most stressful parts of a real estate purchase… and unless it’s handled well by your agent, it’s loaded with danger.

Also, if you want to see how a certain floor plan went up by $50,000 in two weeks, stay tuned for the story of the Plan 5 Corner model when we discuss Higginbotham.

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