Today I’m going to put on my “By-Law Officer” hat and pass out some parking violations for two properties in today’s list. Costigan needs to get clear on just how many parking spots are included and Landsborough is NOT a double car garage.

In all seriousness, NOT plugging information into the MLS correctly can cost you eyeballs, which can lower your showings, which can net you less money. The details matter!

Clover Park needs some work, but the basic elements are there. Hawthorne is probably in similar condition for a similar price in a similar area. Head-to-head battle!

If you like orange kitchens, then definitely check out Sherwood… 😉

The Plan 7 floor plan on Nakerville is very enigmatic to me. I walk in and sometimes hate it, and there are other times when I think it’s a good layout. Small decisions about furnishings and even colours can make a big difference in how a space feels.

Oh, and the one on Donald Campbell? It’s by far one of the coolest properties I’ve seen in 2016. It’s almost like getting a rural property right in the middle of the urban area. I’ll tell you a little more about the area in this video.

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