Whether it’s the passageway to Narnia, the rum runners of the roaring 20’s, or even the Polka Dot Door, mankind has always been fascinated with secret doors.  And in this episode of Milton Daily Homes, I’ll show you the secret door (or lack thereof) that exists in Milton townhouses.

Plus, isn’t it nice when you comment about a home being overpriced… and the next day they drop their price?  I love when that happens.  Also, quite a few homes are NOT getting the offers they hope for on offer night, so they’re re-listing at higher prices quite often in August.  That could mean good news for buyers who have been getting beat up with heavy competition.

Be sure to check out the home on Attenborough – they win the award for closest resemblance to a division symbol (you can see it in the thumbnail for the video)!  Enjoy the episode.

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