Today we’ll go deeper into another great floor plan – this time with a double garage… Mattamy’s Wild Rose!

Plus, what’s the value of extra parking in the driveway? Do you get more from having two spaces in the driveway instead of just one?

After all, condos sell extra parking spaces for $10-15k extra in Milton… so houses should command a premium for more parking, right?

Not exactly. See the video for more.

And according to one agent, Van Fleet is “perfectly located”. It’s a nice enough street, but that’s a pretty lofty statement, don’t you think?

To clarify, I checked the location of Laurier… and it’s right beside Sam Sherratt school. It has a wider front yard, with a triangle shape that gets really narrow in the back. The yard is a little smaller than some of the neighbours, but it still seems like it has decent overall size.

At the end of the video, I’ll tell you the best way to get access to homes.

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