So the Ontario Fair Housing Plan is out.  And it’s all a bunch of smoke and mirrors to me.

Unless you’re an investor, or an international buyer, or a tenant… I don’t see this having a huge effect on your life.  The average first-time buyer, or move-up buyer, or downsizer is no better off today than they were yesterday.

One of the brightest economists in the country has already given his thoughts about rent control being a bad idea for the very people it is trying to help.

The 16 points are outlined here.

Helping developments happen faster?  I like the sounds of that.  Creating better measures for Realtors and multiple offers?  For sure, sign me up… I’ve been waiting for better multiple offer procedures for years.

My favourite analysis of the changes comes from my friend Melanie from the BREL Team in Toronto.  Which, by the way, was written while travelling through Europe.

Bottom line:  It’s a tiny step in the right direction, but mostly a misguided attempt to make changes in the wrong places.

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