Well, today was supposed to be our Sixth Flight Over Milton… but a combination of a broken air conditioner and my large 300 pound frame meant we exceeded the weight limit for the tiny Cessna plane.

We rescheduled for Saturday with a “man-sized” airplane.

Stay tuned – the flights are always a lot of fun.

So here’s what happened last week – 209 listings, 61 sales.  If you want to get a copy of our weekly sales report, go to MiltonPriceReport.com.

That is a 30% listings-to-sales ratio. For the rest of the year, we’ve been humming along at between 70-80%. So the winds of change appear to be blowing.

Which means it’s no longer good enough to price a home low and “hope” for the best. A lot of people are going to get burned doing this.

What are the exceptions? Well, first of all, you need to have a unique feature. Maybe it’s an exclusive street, or a wider lot, or some sort of future potential. THOSE are the homes that do well with multiple offers. But for an everyday regular home, a more balanced market will mean you’re on the market for a lot longer than before.

I’ll keep you posted with more changes, but in the meantime check out the link of homes. It’s another big list. We had more homes list in the last WEEK than we did in the entire month of January.

My favourite part of today’s episode? The garage with extra living/rec room above on Sydney.

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