It was enlightening today to host two agent open houses. The conversations were all about the market, and how much things have changed in the last week.

One agent who underlisted a property by nearly $100,000 compared to the last few sales has only had four showings. Normally about 10-12 showings is what it takes to sell a house, and to get multiple offers, you usually need 20-30 within the dates you’re holding back on offers.

So now we’re in a period where we have people playing by the “new” rules, the “old” rules, and everything in between. Some homes are still breaking records, and others are selling for $50k less than the same model sold 30 days ago. It’s a very interesting time to be a buyer or a seller because we really have no idea how things will work out.

Moorelands is one to check out if you like pools and large lots, and I offer some suggestions to a few properties in this episode. If you want the truth, then you come to MDH. 🙂

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