From the look of the sky today, it appears that yesterday’s clouds are taking over!

The most interesting home in today’s list is the one on Biason Circle.  The lot is about FOUR TIMES the size of all the surrounding homes.  It may look like an Old Milton home, but it’s actually right in the middle of a new subdivision just off Asleton between Bronte and the train tracks.

On one hand, you get a massive lot, bigger than almost anything in town – probably close to 1/3 of an acre.  But you’re surrounded by dense modern residential homes.  You’re also potentially dealing with Heritage issues.  I think they priced it pretty well, considering a lot half that size downtown goes for $450k.

And the floor plan on Forbes is one of my favourites in town… with a covered porch in the front and back.  Doesn’t hurt that it backs onto a forest, too!

Finally, there’s a mirror ceiling in the kitchen on Lower Base Lane, in case you like to watch yourself… umm… cook?  There’s also an oddly placed dinghy boat in one of the bedrooms.  Maybe the blue carpet is like “pretend” water.  The two-storey apartment definitely sounds interesting, though.

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