Cumulonimbus, altostratus, stratocumulus and fog.  If you’re a fan of clouds, then you don’t want to miss the photos on Farrington Crossing.  Not sure why they are in the listing – if you have any ideas, let me know.

Maybe it’s like HEAVEN when you go in?  Either way, today’s soundtrack comes from the Stones… I was too sick to shoot a video, so just a soundtrack for the day.

For some people, heaven is having a lot the size of Riverplace.  It’s HUGE!  But if you check the zoning on the GIS map, you’ll see that the entire lot is zoned “Natural Heritage”.  If you plan on doing any structural work to the home, make sure you check with the regional and local zoning offices.

One more bonus property on Joyce.  There’s a pool in the yard, and since people are starting to “close” their pools for the season, just make sure you have something from the pool company indicating that it was working when they closed it.  Otherwise, if you buy it through the cold season and turn it on in the spring and it doesn’t work… you don’t have a lot of recourse.  Sellers will warrant that everything works up to the closing, but not afterwards.


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