Almost half of today’s list is doing their best to gear up for a bidding war.  As a tribute, we’re dedicating today’s video to the message they’ll convey to buyers, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” on offer night.

Dredge is holding back on offers until Monday night.  Syer is on Sunday night, and Stover is on Saturday.  Pringle is next Wednesday.  So lots of situations where multiple offers MIGHT take place.  They all look like they’re in the zone when it comes to pricing.  It’s always fun to see how they unfold.

The strategy, as we’ve discussed many times in previous episodes, is to come up with your best price BEFORE you start.  Stick to your plan, and don’t chase emotion… otherwise you could find yourself experiencing a large dose of regret… which is something you don’t want to ever have in a real estate purchase.

As a bonus, here’s one that just came out on Pickersgill.  For $659k, you’re getting a 2301 square foot home with a double garage on a big 150-foot deep lot.  Even if the house is not so good (can’t see photos yet), it looks like a really hot deal.  Don’t wait for pictures, call us and get in quickly!

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