We JUST launched 7 Munch Place, and you’re the first to hear about it.  It should be landing on the broker MLS system soon, and the public will likely hear about it tomorrow.

Normally we put together a laundry list of fixups, projects and tips to declutter and simplify.  But this house needed NONE of that.  They actually live exactly as you see it.  Check out the video, and if you want more information, go to 7Munch.com.  There’s a finished basement, and 1891 square feet of finished space.

As far as today’s list goes, click the green button to see it.  Mowat Lane has a massive lot, but it does back onto Main Street and Maple Avenue, which is busy and loud on both sides.  I still like the way they priced it… if you’re willing to live with that.  Easily the Pick of the Day ™.

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