From the ORTIS list, we have a small detached home… see this episode for my thoughts about this style of home.  Lots of activity, but not always offers very quickly.

They probably could have tidied up the basement at 658 Lott.  Looks like they may be selling some kind of clothing there.  The rest of the home looks good, but that price range for semis and townhouses ($675-725 or so) is super cluttered right now.

The other one on Savoline is ANOTHER competitor in that range.  And they’re both feeling pressure from the detached homes that are pushing lower into the $700’s (like Treend).

Clever use of the drone at 894 Anderson… they cropped it just right so that you can’t see busy Thompson Road behind.

The price on Rottenberg looks a little “rotten”, especially considering similar-sized homes without greenspace have sold for $250k less than this.  Today’s video is called “Rotten to the Core” by the cast of the Descendants.  You know… Disney stuff.  Because that’s the world I live in right now.  🙂

Also, we have a really, really nice looking townhouse on Munch Place coming out tomorrow.  Stay tuned!  We’re filming the video today, so I don’t have anything to share quite yet.  It will be listed for $639k.

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