What if you could buy a bungalow on 1/3 of an acre with a large double garage for $775k? That would be a pretty good deal, wouldn’t it?

Except… a thousand dump trucks a day drive by your front door.

I know my answer would change at that point. But it’s still an interesting listing, considering it’s zoned for future development, and it’s VERY close to the urban boundary.

Savoline and Bessborough are only a few hundred square feet different, but there’s nearly $300k difference in asking price. I don’t think “Bessy” has a chance.

The best deal of the day is the condo townhouse on Bronte. They’re taking offers on Monday, and it’s worth a lot more than the $399k asking price with gas heating and a private garage.

ORTIS list with Irving and the separate entrance is here.

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