Quiet day today for the first of December… with only five properties.  Let’s call them the Furious Five, with a special video.  Fitting because it was my week to rest… I was “close to the edge” and needed a break.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of an old school hip hop nerd.

The first three are all nice looking (like Whodini), including our new one at 7 Munch.  It’s officially listed now, and looking awesome at only $639k.

Kendall – two days on market and no photos?  I thought we’ve gone over this before… 🙂

Finally, before the holiday season gets too busy, be sure to join us for the Milton Buyer Class, with all new content and presenters as we head into 2018.  It’s happening next WEDNESDAY at 7:00 PM, and we usually go for a couple of hours.  More information and registration here.  It’s filling up quick, so be sure to grab a seat before they’re all gone.

And if you want some more Christmas music with an old school vibe, check out this Kurtis Blow classic.

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