I’m like Pepe Le Pew today … I’ve fallen in love. It’s at the end of the video 🙂

A little dough will do ya? Ummm… that sounds a little dirty to me. I suppose that means “inexpensive” in the description on Childs.

Open concept or not? Let’s have a look at the home on Ferguson. Plus, would you rather get an extra 300 square feet for the same price? Village Townhouses are all over the place for price… but if you know the models, the decision is easy.

Pick of the day is Sunnyvale, it has a gorgeous corner lot. Not the biggest house, but it’s move-in ready. Huffman is on an nice quiet street and Miltonbrook is on the edge of over-improved, but still really well-done.

Want to know an awkward place to put a mirror? Check out the home on Giddings. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s not a view I would look forward to. Plus, a very rare model by Mattamy with a unique his/hers garage setup.

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