Have a look at the link below to see today’s 17 properties…

Can we get a decent look at the front of the house at 11781 Guelph Line?  I wouldn’t say the photos are doing it justice, but it is a very attractive price point for being in the country at $499k.  Plus, it looks like they spent some big bucks on the well, septic and furnace.  Combined, those could easily equal $20k or more, depending on what they did.

And apparently the photographer on Biason is none other than Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones!

Paupst is a Mattamy Plan 4, with just over 2000 square feet and a nice layout.  The upstairs is listed as four bedrooms, but based on the pictures, it may be a three-bedroom with a loft that you could close off to make another bedroom.  Hard to tell with the angles.  At $659k, I’d take this one anyday instead of Kelman for $40k more for exactly four square feet difference.

From the second list, I have no idea why Nadalin Heights is showing a Mattamy Lindsay model as their first photo… since it’s a condo and not a detached house.  The converted schoolhouse on 25 looks excellent, with a nice workshop and plenty of space, and the GreenLife condo at 383 Main is a STEAL for 980 square feet at $325k.  A slightly larger unit just sold in the new GreenLife building for over $400k.  Easily the best deal of the day.

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