Welcome to today’s episode!  Be sure to join us at the end for a little fun on Cinco de Mayo. 🙂

Let’s celebrate bad photos and a good house on Transom!  Plus, one of the nicest “Village Towns” with 3-storeys that we’ve seen in a while.

Then we have two detached homes listed very close to each other.  Which one would you choose?  Newer and a busier street, or older with a larger lot?  They’re almost exactly the same size.

Also, we’ll look at the Mattamy Ravenswood floor plan, it’s a good one, and I’ll show you why.  And yes, I believe that there’s a buyer for a first-floor condo, especially when it faces greenspace.

Thanks for tuning in.  And remember that yesterday is not tomorrow, and a little bit of Lil’ Jon mixed with traditional Mexican folk music is good for the soul.  See ya!