Once again, comparison pricing makes some homes in this list either look like superstars or chumps.

If you’re listing your home, you NEED to look at what else is out there. It can be hard when you get “cut off at the knees” by someone the same day you’re listing, but in most cases you’re aware of 90% of your competition before listing.

Today I’ll talk about the MainLiving townhouses at 165 Hampshire, and what I like about them. Overall, I’d consider them a better product than a Mattamy Village Townhouse, but there is a POTL (parcel of tied land) fee to consider.

If your budget is in the $700-750k range, Haws and Trudeau have different value, but they’re both some of the best picks in the list.

Tyrone, just like Shortreed yesterday, is playing at a really high level when it comes to their finishes. We call it the “model home premium”. A buyer who falls in love will lean towards paying a retail price instead of wholesale… which is one of the big arguments for staging.

Unless you only stage it part of the way, like Etheridge. I speak to potential clients who say things like, “Yes but this other agent offers STAGING, too!”

Oh, really? Have you asked what’s really included? Because if it’s a chair in the corner of an empty room, no bedroom furniture and cheap accessories… let’s just say not all staging is created equal.

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