So listen… there are times when I can’t even pretend to make up the craziness I see in these listings.

In the comments on Hollinrake, it says, “Backyard shed can be used as a 5th bedroom”. WHAT?  Although… maybe it’s a good place for the in-laws.  🙂

There’s also a brass chandelier. I can hear Sia singing now – “I’m gonna swing from the chandel-eh-heeeeear!”

When I showed 550 Childs #13 last week, I got a message that they were lowering the price to $409k. But I don’t see that price in the new listing… it’s the same price as before!

If you’re okay without having a backyard and two bedrooms, the home on Shortreed might be the best looking three-storey Village townhouse that I have EVER seen. It’s seriously impressive.

Old Milton has some fixer uppers on large lots for $600k on Wakefield and Kingsleigh, and Stover and Barclay are both good deals based on recent sales.

Solid list today… maybe a little strange, but solid.