I really struggled to find something to talk about today.

The best deal is probably the double garage with greenspace behind on Vickerman for $835,000.  Hidden benefits:  you have a new roof and furnace, and you’re getting about ten feet extra in your backyard.  It doesn’t sound like much, but that’s probably 30% more yard than a standard lot.

Meighen is not bad either… I like the homes that have a separate living and dining area, instead of the rooms being combined.  That way, you can use your living room for an office, kids’ play room, quiet reading area, music room, fitness or yoga studio… or whatever you like.

There’s also a loft area upstairs that can be a nice family gathering place, or a study or video game area for the kids – they call it a “Home Tech Centre” in the floor plan.  Lots of flexibility with how you can set it up.

And Taylor Court is a bank sale.  We get questions about buying “distressed” sales all the time, and there’s an article here that explains more.  They’re not always the deals people think they are.

I didn’t make comments in the video today, but here’s a funny video I made last year.