There are nine properties in today’s list, but in the video I spoke about three of them.

First is Tight Court.  By the way, I can’t say that street without doing an impression of Goldmember from Austin Powers (in a Dutch accent of course).  It’s one of the lowest-priced ways to get a double garage, and even though there’s no backyard, I believe that it’s a super convenient, low-maintenance way of living.

The ground floor bedroom and washroom are excellent options for a short-term stay, long-term in-law, or even a home-based business.

Second is Mary Street.  This is an interesting one, because it’s a little expensive for a builder to scoop it up… and the end-user is likely going to need to do some work.  Does the building have some value, beyond the cost of the land?  Possibly.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is the property was purchased for more than the current asking price earlier in 2017.

Finally, there’s Ellenton.  It’s a wonderful location within walking distance from the elementary and high school… so I could see someone living here for the majority of their children’s lives, if they wanted to.  The square footage and size range are both mis-quoted, but I think the home is priced right where it should be, and it’s one of the better layouts and lot sizes that Mattamy EVER created.