It’s a big list today, catching up on the weekend.  No commentary today, but instead I’ll post a “Memory Monday” that will hopefully get a laugh or two.

There’s only four elements to a home sale:  Pricing, Appearance, Marketing and the Market (we also call this Timing).  If you look at a home like Wallbrook, it’s priced well for a semi-detached, but the appearance is cluttered.  I’m sure it’s a lovely home, but there’s a spiral thing hanging from the kitchen ceiling, and an extra storage rack BESIDE the cupboards that sends a very clear message that “this kitchen doesn’t have enough storage”.

Even if it DOES have enough, the house is not showing that.  You have to REALLY simplify in 2017… and the expectations have become more and more intense in the last few years.  Back in the early 2000’s?  You could get away with a house that wasn’t showing well.  It’s much harder right now.

Maybe 346 Dymott is TOO stripped down.  I mean, there’s a “cube storage” shelving unit with absolutely nothing in it.  That’s not good, either.  Sure, there’s furniture and a couple of pillows and table dressings… but it doesn’t jump out, and it doesn’t seem very warm and inviting.

I think something like Irving Terrace is a mix of both worlds – simple, but inviting.  Same with 293 Scott, which is our listing.

I was in 401 Laurier years ago when it was selling.  It’s a surprisingly HUGE house.  They’ve opened up the area around the kitchen, and there’s lots of places for a larger family to tuck away and hide.