Roper has made the bold decision to list a double garage with a finished basement for $699, and then take offers on Monday.

This is what we used to do in the spring, but will it work in today’s market? I think it will, but it all depends on who shows up on offer night. Provided they have a good Plan B if they don’t get the right offer, then I think it’s not a bad idea.

It will be fun to watch that one.

The market still has legs… and Randall sold even before we could put it up in the list. Good locations, priced well, with desirable features are STILL SELLING. Don’t believe what they’re saying on the news.  Three of my last four listings sold above asking price.  We dressed them up, put them at a fair price, and got the job done.

Sometimes it takes a little longer to get a buyer, but there’s still value in real estate right now.  The sky is not falling.

Unless it’s an assignment sale. I think that’s such an ugly “bear” market right now. Too many sellers that paid too much and are trying not to lose money, and not enough buyers willing to pay premium prices.

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