Just like the Transformers, today’s list has more than meets the eye.

Perhaps it’s a double garage, or a pond or greenspace behind, or even a “mostly finished” basement… all of which are “value boosters” that probably should make a guest appearance in a photo gallery. If buyers aren’t impressed online, they’re not going to want to continue the process and see it in person.

Or you could be like a condo in today’s list with bad photos but still be a good deal in a popular price range, and they will sell regardless of how good their photos look. However, the biggest question is whether they would sell for MORE if certain things were done differently?

If my life depended on getting the highest price, you better believe I’m coming out with my best, including photos. 🙂

Oh, and one of the best properties of the day is Edwards. All the details are here, and it works great on a mobile phone.  687Edwards.com