After doing these episodes for more than five years, I am still encountering firsts on a monthly basis. Today, we have a teepee in a house. And a good looking house at that. Never seen that before.

The stacked town on Costigan is a sweet price point at $335k, and it could potentially allow for “one floor living” for seniors. It’s a bit of stretch, but with the lack of options in Milton for the aging population, you take what you can get. 🙂 Either way, it should do well.

Plus, I’ll share my thoughts on a new builder in town, and how impressed I’ve been with the quality of their construction. Nobody is perfect, but I will say they’re in the Top 3, at least to me.

And if you’re looking in the mid-to-high $400’s, there are some excellent choices this week, including a few in today’s list, along with some “model home”-level finishes.

Want a super deep lot? You may want to check out Heslop, and even Zimmerman is about 30 feet deeper than most other homes in the area.

Plus, the competition in the $800-900k range might mean someone could scoop a deal on a “forever”-type of home. Hinchey throws their hat in the mix with some pretty nice “non-builder” upgrades and great views in the back.

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