I’m posting this a few days later than it SHOULD have been posted.  Playing catchup after doing some really good work for clients.

Is this market challenging?  Absolutely.  But there are still “wins” out there for buyers, even if it seems hopeless at times.

The general consensus seems to be that things are loosening up a bit, and having a boatload of offers may or may not happen.  We saw signs of that last week, and it’s continued into this week.

As an aside, that house that didn’t receive offers from last week’s episode?  We re-listed for $90k higher and then sold it for $25k more with two offers.  Yep, it ended up being a happy ending.  Stressful for all, but they were happy.

If you’re a chess fan, you might enjoy the bathroom floor at 291 Giddings from today’s list (click the green button).  And if you like to play Super Mario Bros, imagine your character jumping from kitchen cabinet to kitchen cabinet at 1528 Farmstead.  I like the extended uppers, but the position of the cabinets and windows seems a little choppy to me.

Beaty should have cleared off their fridge.  We spend so much time getting places ready for sale, and then you see things like this and wonder how much it will cost somebody.  No matter how good the market, you can’t take shortcuts – they will cost you time or money (or both).

That’s the theme for today’s video, which is fantastic.  I hope you’ll watch it.

Most impressive home in the list?  633 Symons Crossing.  It has EVERYTHING someone would want, with some sexy technology.  Expect this one to sell for more than $900k.

And once again, we have development land that shows nothing in the photo gallery about what you’re actually selling – the LAND.  Who cares about the little house and the fuzzy lawn?  I want to know what I can do with it, and where it is.

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