Where do I think a big opportunity lies in this market?

Single garage detached homes in Timberlea and Bronte Meadows. Like 881 Anderson.

When you see the prices of single garages in new areas, and the double garages in the mature neighbourhoods, I feel like there’s a TON of upside with a home like Anderson, long-term.

Then we move to Sunnyvale, a double garage in the mature neighbourhood of Bronte Meadows.  You can be sure it will sell for more than $850,000 on offer night… which I should probably check before starting the video.

Top of the head is quite fun though. I remember when YouTube used to have time limits and I would have to keep shooting the same episode a few times to race the clock. It wasn’t pretty.

And Lower Base Line does absolutely nothing to help lead you along the path of buying. They basically did this: “Here are a bunch of shots of grass that I took from my car. You figure the rest out yourself.”

I’ll share a big lesson when selling anything at the end of the video. Eliminate objections before they happen, and make sure you tee it up so it’s easy for someone to decide if it’s right for them or not.

Want some cookies? 🙂  You’ll have to watch the end of the episode to understand that one.

Oh, and 630 Hepburn is re-listed and ready to sell anytime.

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