Today I was in a “mastermind” group with some of the top agents in the country.  We meet every month or so, and it usually messes up my plans to do a video.

And by “mastermind”, I mean a group of really smart people.  Not the board game or the kids’ store, right Keith?  🙂

(That’s an inside joke that only ONE person in the world will understand… maybe two)

As far as today’s list goes, it’s a bizarre one.  Good, bad and ugly… all in one.

551 Gervais borrowed our idea of doing a drone on the same street.  I don’t mind though – it still turned out great.  They’ll get a lot more than $599k for it.

And I could see 144 Ontario one day becoming a commercial use, even though it’s zoned right now for “Residential Low Density”.  It looks prime and ready to be an accounting or chiropractic office, complete with parking out front already setup.  We saw a property further south on Ontario Street be approved for daycare use, but you always want to check with the town about anything to do with zoning.

And 147 Weston… they couldn’t take an ACTUAL photo of the house?  It was built in 2008.  And it says in the broker comments that the house needs painting and flooring replacement.  So if your ideal home is a fixer upper, get ready.

Easily the winner for most BOLD decoration goes to 690 Yates.  When you go THAT far along the chain of “unique”, you run the risk of alienating certain buyers.  There’s absolutely clear evidence of pride of ownership, but I doubt more than a handful out of a hundred people would want the finishes to remain exactly “as is”.

And finally I think that 1095 Meighen chose an odd price at just over a million ($1,004-something).  If you’re going to hold back on offers, why not just put it right at $1,000,000 and straddle the price range?  I don’t get it.

Coming soon in bright lights on Wettlaufer?  Don’t get that either.  Why not hold back for another day until you have the damn photos…

But on a more positive note, we’ll finish by saying that the most impressive thing in this list is the garage on Rolph Terrace.  You KNOW if a seller puts that much care into their garage, they’ve taken pretty good care of their house.

Close second?  The view from 5628 Steeles!

Fun fact:  you can see the weather coming in, you can watch fireworks, and you can see the traffic on the 401 before leaving for work if you live here.  I think they priced it really well… needs work inside, but renovated the home is probably worth $2.5 million easily.

So I’ll close by saying this episode is not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good!  Watch the video with DJ Jazzy Jeff to see some pretty impressive skills.

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