If you like big lots, there are a bunch in the new area – including a Coscorp-built home on Fourth Line where you could fit TWO Mattamy lots back-to-back. Plus, Barton actually LOST some of their target audience by improving their home… I’ll tell you more in the video.

Then we’ll look at two townhouses priced the same, but one will cost you an extra $90 per month.  Sounds confusing?  Welcome to the world of “tied land” common element condos.

Quite a few great houses today. This is easily the best list from the past two weeks. Crozier is one of Beaty’s finest streets (and it faces a park), and Clark is the same model as Kelman, but with some pretty significant extras like a finished basement for an even lower price.

Sorry for the sleeveless shirt.  You deserve better.  🙂

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