At the start of today’s episode, I’ll give you a rundown of just a few things you’ll learn at Thursday’s Buyer Class. After that, if you think it’s worth coming, then head over to and register for the class.  We start at 7 PM. There’s no cost to attend, just bring a Food Bank donation. We’ll give you the booklet in the video… plus cookies!

Costigan and Willow both offer “stair-free” options which could be great for a downsizer or widower. There’s even lots of space to live with grown children or grandchildren… see what I mean in the video.

Even though Savoline is small, it has delightful finishes, and at $579k, it’s cheaper than most townhouses. Andrews is a huge townhouse, but you’ll definitely want to scout the location… especially if you like peace and quiet.

My favourite pick of the day is Cochrane. I’ve seen the inside of the home, and it shows even better than the photos. We have a saying around here that “you can’t fake pride of ownership” and this home oozes it.

Oh and here’s the link for Taylor Court.  Bungalow, nice pool and landscaping, triple garage and impressive kitchen.  It’s the full Monty!

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