Do you remember biology class, where we learned the contents of a cell?  I saw a couch in today’s episode that reminds me of a Golgi apparatus!  Do you think it’s more of a cis face, or is it a trans face?  Read all about Golgis here.

Funny how furniture reminds us of things… like the bed that looks like the Batmobile from a few years ago (click the link, it’s at 11 minutes 39 seconds… apparently I didn’t go through puberty in 2010).

And if you like that home on Herman, we’ve got a nice one with the same floor plan, listing at $579k in just a few days.  Email us if you want more information, or click here to get a super secret preview.

Pick of the Day is Rigo Crossing.  Great floor plan, lovely finishes, side-by-side parking in the driveway.  Get ready for this one to crank up into the $700’s.

Here’s the listing on Buck.  We love Dempsey because it’s close to EVERYTHING.


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