When you make a claim that a home has the most beautiful yard in Milton, you better be able to back it up.  There’s absolutely nothing WRONG with the home on Willow and its lovely backyard.  But the BEST?  I can think of a few that I’ve seen that beat this one.  Great use of drone and a fair price makes this one a winner either way.

Even though there are no photos, I bet Rayner Court goes for more than asking.  That size of townhouse is almost a guaranteed $600k-plus sale.

And I was super surprised to see the rural property on Appleby holding back on offers.  Once in a while we see a country home sell for asking price or more, but it’s definitely not as common as something receive multiple offers in town.  Right now, about HALF of the Milton properties in the “urban” area sell at or above asking, whereas the percentage is single digits in the country.

And when there are multiple offers on a rural home?  It usually happens organically where two people are interested at the same time.  With the complexity of the deal and the number of things to examine (water quality and quantity, septic, well, etc.), competition can be interesting because nobody wants to remove their conditions.

I think the land is worth what they’re asking, with a decent home as a bonus.  But are there enough buyers out there looking for a home like this to create a “bidding war”?  I have my doubts, but anything can happen.  Including pigs flying.

Especially in 2016.