It’s not a bad list today, with 18 properties in total. But the one that threw me for a loop is the last home I reviewed on Hepburn.

Normally I just talk about new listings, but this one was bizarre and I had to include it. It was listed at $729,900 for 30 days, and then they decided it was actually a good idea to change the price to $830,000! I can just imagine how that conversation went:

Owner: “It’s not selling? Hmmm… why don’t we RAISE our price by $100,000?”

Agent: “Sure, that will definitely work!”

Besides that, we get into the mechanics of condo fees and how to make sure you’re buying into the right condo, and we have the wrong square footage listed on Irving. I’ve said this many times – don’t believe everything you read in a listing. Innocently or not, agents put the wrong information in a listing more than you would ever imagine.

Have a super happy Thanksgiving weekend, and enjoy the last little bit of warmth before Fall and Winter take over.

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