I’m not sure if you’ve read the news, but buying a home will be a lot harder by the end of the year.  Be warned… changes are definitely in the works.  As always, we’re here to be your trusted resource, and I’ll send some more information next week after I speak with “Mortgage Jake“.

Today’s list is filled with LOTS of lots.  Whether it’s the first townhouse with a double-sized lot, or the 144-foot deep lot on Baverstock, or even the 120-foot lot on Coulson backing onto a trail… if you like yard space, this is the list for you.

Also, I’m going to talk about the rare 1.5-car garage, and the value of a three-bedroom versus a four-bedroom.

I’d just like to add that these assignment sales are coming fast and furious… the $1 million-plus range is getting flooded with them.  All I can say is good luck, because I will not be buying them, and in most cases I won’t be endorsing them, either.