We really haven’t posted anything for the last two weeks… to the point where people were asking if they were still on our “list”. I had an absolutely crazy week before vacation, followed by a family trip to St. Lucia for some long overdue rest.

Lots happened while I was away, with some new “stress tests” announced for buyers with 20%+ downpayment (people with less have encountered stress tests since Fall 2016). I’ll give you some more information at the start of the episode.

My best guess is that it will knock 5-10% of buyers out of an already balanced market. We’re also going to see more variable mortgages, longer amortizations, and help from the bank of mom and dad. There will be ways to make it happen, as it always has.

Then I sifted through more than 200 listings to come up with today’s list of properties. I took the best ones, and a couple of the worst ones… including one that has been listed for TWO WEEKS with no photos. That’s just pathetic.

So have a look, enjoy, and we’ll see you again this week.

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